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Cake Decorating and Modelling Classes

Our classes are available for those at both beginner and intermediate levels in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. Classes can be held on a 1-1 basis or in small groups to suit you and your requirements. Classes are fluid and are aimed at your capability. We teach what you want to learn, we have an aim for the day but it can change if it's too easy for you or too hard! We teach you what you want to learn in your time with us as we're not set to a learning schedule as its all private classes

As a student you have the option to book yourself or your group into any one of our classes. They range from sugar models and flowers to basic cake decorating - this includes splitting, levelling, filling and crumb coating using ganache.

The cakes are ready baked for you as we do not hold baking classes. 

At the end of each class, your creation is yours to take home to devour if you can bear to cut it. You will also take away the knowledge and have the confidence to recreate them over and over again, in your own unique style.

All classes are inclusive of equipment - no need to bring anything with you but we do recommend a notebook and pen as there's so much information on the day. However for the more foodie students you're welcome to bring lunch or snacks along with you especially if its an all day class. Hot/cold drinks are provided

Our classes are suitable for those aged 12+ (those under 18 need a parent/guardian to be present throughout).

Take a look at our schedule below and please get in touch if you wish to book a class or have any queries. 

Class Schedule

Can't see a class you'd like to try?  Why not drop me an email or a phone call.

Dates are booked by request only subject to availability Monday - Saturday

Please enquire as early as possible to secure a preferred date.

Figure Modelling for beginners

This class uses modelling paste and you will learn how to shape a figure of a person or animals and shows how to create expressive facial features, dressing your figure and a variety of hairstyles. Suitable for beginners or those wishing to to improve their skills

Class cost - £60 4hrs / £90 6hrs per person

Dates by request. Available for groups (max 4) or 1-1.

Ganache & Drip Class - great for beginners or those wishing to improve their skills

This max 4hr class you will learn how to split, level and fill one of our ready baked 6" cakes, before coating it in ganache creating a sharp edge. You will then be taught how to create a perfect drip in a colour of your choice, using icing sugar drip, before learning to add your own piped buttercream and also how to smoothly cover a board. using a marble or textured effect 

Class cost - £70 (4hrs) / £90 1-1

Dates by request. Available for groups (max 4) or 1-1.

Cake Covering Class - good for beginners and those with more experience who want to improve their skills

This class will teach you how to use ganache as a crumbcoat and filling and how to create the perfectly level one of our ready baked  6" cakes. You will be taught how to obtain a smooth finish and a sharp edge before covering in sugar paste and adding decoration / bow of your choice. This is a very informative class and it's one of our most popular classes. All we need from you are your ideas and what you'd like to learn. There's so much we can teach from ruffles to textures, bows to mould work...........We cannot teach designer labels or anything copyright protected

Class cost from - £99 5 hrs or from £110 for 1-1 teaching

Dates by request. Available for 1-4 person class or 1-1.

3D cake of your choice. Perfect for beginners - intermediate students

Learn how to split, level, fill and carve one of our cakes into a realistic shape such as a handbag, car (comic design) plant pot, chair, sofa, dog,  penguin etc etc during this all day class. You will also learn the benefits and uses for texture mats, moulds and other tools. We will teach you how to add intricate stitching details etc. There's so much you can make from this class and the choices are endless.

Suitable for beginners / intermediate level 

Class cost - from £125 per person or £140 for 1-1 teaching 5hr Class.

Dates by request. Available for 1-4 person class or 1-1.


3D Carved Teddy Bear perfect for beginner - intermediate level

You will learn to make a cute teddy bear by carving, using ganache and sugarpaste before learning buttercream piping techniques to achieve the final fur effect all from a 10 inch square cake. Everything you will need is provided for this fun full day class. Don't forget your lunch, notepad and pen!

Class cost -from £125 per person alongside other students or  from £140 for 1-1 class - Max 6hrs. 

Dates by request. 1-4 person class or 1:1

Sugar Flowers suitable for beginners or those wishing to improve their skills

An all day class focusing on the creation of wired / unwired flowers, eg roses, peonies, lillies, filler flowers and leaves for cakes of all occasions. You also learn how to dust and wire together your work into a beautiful spray. Flowers are very time consuming so not all may get made on the day

Class Cost - £90 per person Max 6hrs.

Dates by request. 1 - 4 person class or 1:1

2 Day Wedding cake class 

Suitable for beginners or intermediate 

Have you always wanted to create a wedding cake with some beautiful ruffles made from sugarpaste or edible wafer paper? Do you have a design in mind youd love to do but wouldnt know where to start? Perhaps I can help?  We would go through how to create a design and talk about your ideas and I can assist any way I can. Up to 4 tiers and over 2 days. You could add some flowers, some lustre painting or airbrushing. Chocolate wrap, sea theme, elegant, bohemian, sparkle , textures, half n half 2 theme, baroque..........the list is endless. Everything would be provided. You will work on dummy cakes for the final design and have a 6" cake to learn how to ganache a cake to achieve the perfect smooth finish

Class cost £250 per person available as 1:1 or as a group class. Please advise when you book

Bathtub cake

Suitable for beginners

This class teaches how to carve a bathtub shape then using ganche to fill and crumbcoat, you will then decorate the cake using sugarpaste adding lots of details to create a fun cake. You can add an animal or a person to the bath. Design ideas are endless for this fun class. Everything is provided 

Class cost is £100 per person and 6 hours

Bedroom cake class

This class teaches how to create a bedroom scene in sugarpaste. You will cover a cake and create a bed, clothes, people, bedroom items can also be added. Lots of of and only your imagination can stop you

Class cost £100 per person and 6 hours

Ganache & lace

This class is very similar to the ganache and drip class but it also teaches how to make kace and add an edible flower decoration to it. Its a creative class and also teaches how to colour white chocolate

Class cost £100 per person

Mini Cakes

This class uses 4 x 4" cakes and teaches how to use ganache filling and crumbcaot then how to cover in sugarpaste finished with 4 different designs. Perfecr for afterneoon tea in summer

£120 per person

Class cost £120 per person 6 hours

Using moulds

This class teaches how to use moulds correclty with sugar paste or modelling paste. You cover a cake dummy then decorate it in your chosen design style with a tutors guidance. Animals, people, faces, flowers, wraps, baroque frills, lace, the choice is endless

Class cost £90 per person 4 hours

Business class

I have been self employed in the cake business for 11 years and this class gives all the hints and tips and experiences of do's and donts in business. I can give you a wealth of information on how to run a cake business successfully. It does take perseverance and long hours but it does pay off. All you need is a notepad and pen and enthusiasm.

Please contact me for details on costs

Classes in sugar craft & cake decorating
drip cake


Please note we cannot teach anything that has copyright protection eg designer labels/disney/logos etc. But that doesn't matter as there is so much more still to create!

Allergy awareness

All cakes provided in class contain GLUTEN EGG DAIRY SOYA as standard

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