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In the beginning.......

Updated: May 14

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog. I have to say I know a lot more about making cakes than I do blogging so bare with me 🤩. So really I think I need to start at the beginning way way back in December 2011 when I had the idea to start a home based cake business selling cupcakes and cake pops which catapulted me into the big wide cake world. It came right of the blue to my family but I’d been thinking about it for quite some time and it was only in a conversation when I was in my previous job as a head cook in a primary school and I actually said it out loud that I realised just how much I wanted to do it. So as my circumstances changed in the work place Frosted Fancies was born in May 2012. Below is my first ever logo design which I love but it’s just doesn’t say what it’s all about anymore.........

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